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Trusty Car Rental
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Trusty Car Rental, 65 Bowman Rd, Caloundra, Queensland 4551, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5491 2444 (inside Australia: 07 5491 2444)
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Trusty Car Rental
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Items of Hire and Warnings
All drivers must present a valid current license for passenger vehicles. Non Australian licenses are acceptable, however if these do not include a photograph, additional photo identification (i.e. a passport) may be requested for visual identification. (Note: under Queensland state law, any person who resides in Queensland for over 6 months must obtain a Queensland issued drivers license.)

Drivers must be between 21 and 88 years. If over 88 conditions apply. (email us for information)

Payment for full duration of hire (and excess reduction, if any) is to be made in full upon collecting the car, although progress payments can be arranged for long term rentals, and short extensions (to be paid on return) by phone if advised early.

A security deposit of $500 is required, normally if paying by credit card this will be an authorisation to take this amount out only if or when required, however we do reserve the right to take this deposit at any time during the hire and refund it (within 24 hours) only upon satisfactory return of the vehicle. (Rarely happens.)

All cars are insured with an excess of $3000 (except as mentioned above in the drivers age note). For drivers 25 and over there is an option to reduce this excess to $500 by paying an additional daily charge, typically $8 - $11 per day depending on the length of hire. For drivers aged 21 to 24 this excess is reduced to $1000 (for the same charge).

All insurance will be invalidated if driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, speeding, driving off road or on loose metal roads, any other illegal/stupid behavior (including road rage), illegal or unsafe parking or vehicle overloading (passengers and other items), or if driven by a person not nominated on the contract of hire . (Special permission may be granted for loose metal roads if requested in advance, also beware: some prescription medicines may affect insurance.)

24 hour roadside breakdown assistance is provided in Queensland only by RACQ. Interstate driving is allowed but at the drivers own risk in cases of breakdown.
Cars should be returned in the same condition as they were when hired. Of course allowing for general wear and tear, as well as getting a bit dirty/dusty. We do not impose any cleaning fee, however we reserve the right to claim damages if the vehicle is returned in such a state where excessive permanent marking, damage, dents, discoloration, or scratching has occurred, inside or out. (Just treat the vehicle like it is your own and you should be right.)
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